KPMG 2017 Intake



For those invited to the January Launchpad, which office is that for? I was also wondering did you email saying anything following the ‘we’ve kept your application open and will inform you when 2018 intake begins’ one?


I am considering applying for audit but do not know much about the launch pad, Could you inform me more about it?


Hi I was successful in the launch pad and received an offer for Birmingham 2017 intake. If anyone else is also looking to relocate to Birmingham please message me and we could house/apartment share.


Congratulations on your offer ! Did they call you or let you know by email ? I’m still waiting on hearing from them


Has anyone heard back from Fridays launch pad in London


I have been invited to the January launch pad in London and have applied for Tax at Birmingham. My guess is that they’ll be a large combination of locations and service lines there as KPMG will be trying to fill up their final remaining places!


i’ve just got an email inviting me to the launch pad and the next available date is in March - anyone in the same boat?


They emailed me but also called me. It was back in November.


so more Launchpads in March… interesting. goodluck for it!!


Hi, is this for a graduate scheme or?


Anyone been moved up from 2018 to 2017 intake for tech consulting in London? I phoned up a couple of weeks ago and they said I was ‘in the top ten’ on the waiting list.


Hi Peter, I still haven’t heard anything back :confused: This is genuinely stressing me out


I’m in the same boat, told I was high on the list too. I think part of it is that the rest of the big four etc. haven’t given out the majority of their offers yet so people haven’t taken other positions.


yeah it is - its for Audit grad scheme

was expecting to book for Jan when i got the email but only March was available :confused:


I am also waiting to be moved from 2018 to 2017 intake. I was told I was high up the list also but I have not heard anything as of yet. I am considering phoning to see if there is any movement.


Which business area was it? Can’t hurt to ring, I did maybe a week ago and was told there was no movement/they couldn’t tell me.


Tech Consulting in London. I need to give them a ring regardless as I haven’t sent in references yet and the link to do it has expired.


Same. Especially as I graduated this year do I now have an awkward year and a half gap
I guess I’m going to have to keep looking for another job


I am in the exact same boat. Which office did you apply for? I applied for Plymouth.


Same boat as well, applied for the Nottingham office. :slight_smile: