KPMG 2017 Intake



Hasn’t happened for me yet, I was told I was 2nd. I’d guess a big part of it is that the process for other companies is taking a lot longer, so people aren’t taking other offers yet.


yeah this has happened for me. I was told 2018 and out on hold now moved back up to 2017 as somebody dropped out and i was first pick.


That’s encouraging, well done! What role was it for?


Does anyone know when the graduate positions start in 2017? My contract says between July-September but would be good to know so that Summer plans can be made.


Mine only says September… Can I ask what role and office you applied for?


Hi! Just wondering how you knew that you were first pick? And were you told you were on hold or had you already accepted your offer for 2018? Was it for tech consulting in London by any chance? Thanks!


I called the number on my offer letter and asked, I was told I was 2nd for tech consulting in London. This was after I accepted.


I’m delighted to say that I’ve been given a place on the 2017 graduate scheme for KPMG!! The LaunchPad event was definitely not as stressful as other assessment days I’ve gone to - it’s an interview, report writing and group exercise. Feel free to message me if you would like any tips or any more info for the LaunchPad (or any other part of the recruitment process), I’d be delighted to help!


There’s now a Jan launch pad event? I’ve been put on hold for 6 weeks and am just waiting for a response, didn’t know if they were going to put on another launch pad event or not! What service line and location did you apply for? :slight_smile:


Anybody here doing Leeds Audit Intensive 2017 intake?


Yeah, I think there’s a few more LaunchPad events coming up in Jan around the country


Has anyone received any feedback yet? I have sent 3 emails to the advised address but I haven’t even had a reply yet. I am surprised as an automated response would be expected but they are not sending that. I guess they are having trouble processing all the applications and don’t even know when they can offer the feedback.

Has anyone had feedback yet. If so, when was your launch pad date and what did you apply for?


Feedback from launchpad event?

My launchpad was on the 29th Nov and sent email on 1st Dec for feedback. Still waiting for reply


Hey, I have a launchpad on Friday, I was wondering what sort of questions specifically you were asked during your interview. and what did the writing exercise consist of?



hi, congratulations Jade, it is great to know that you passed the launch pad successfully. i will be attending the event this Friday, dou you mind giving my some advice or tips regarding the written assessment? what was the topic? thank you


my email is


hi kai yin

i was about to apply for audit mandarin programme, unfortunately, i did not find it in the vacancies. so i applied for the audit instead.


Hi All,
Can anyone give advice on digital submission?.


EVERYTHING you include in the digital submission SHOULD hit one of the competencies! If you read a statement out and it doesn’t reference any of the competencies… don’t bother saying it!

Also a little tip… your digital submission doesn’t have to be in one long speech. I recorded myself speaking a sentence at a time and then stuck it all together at the end!

I have passed all the stages and start my job in September :slight_smile:


there is instruction in the email. you can have a look and prepare for those questions. i think it will be enough.