KPMG 2017 Intake



Nope :frowning: have you?


Just received rejection email with no feedback. Prob messed up on written exercise.


Has anyone been told their offer is for 2018 over the phone and then heard nothing else?


I got a phone call and an email saying my offer would arrive within 2 weeks. I’ve been deferred to 2018 too, over the moon though!


Well done for securing a place :slight_smile: The amount of people with offers for 2018, you would begin to think whether they will be recruiting graduates next year haha.


Aye it is scary how many people got offers for 2018. Seems the Launchpads were more effective at finding candidates than they predicted.

Gutted to say I got the standard rejection email this afternoon.


Anyone been successful in securing a 2017 place in Scotland,


i received a similar email, and was so disappointed. but very unexpectedly, i received another email within 2 days to congrats that i am invited to the Launch Pad Event. Therefore, i don not think they are rejecting you in a nicer way. So i think you should just wait for some days if there is still no further response, you can email them to check what’s going on.


Thank you! they said it may be changed to 2017, but not definite. I am more than happy to start in 2018 and work somewhere else for a year and go on a few holidays!


Hey, I was offered a 2017 place in Aberdeen - originally applied for Glasgow but they transferred my application to the Aberdeen office as they said the spaces for the Glasgow positions at the launchpad had been filled!


Not sure which one. I applied to Southampton but live in London. I applied mid-Nov, and got the digital submission invite + that message at the end of Nov.


Congrats! Which business stream?




I got an email putting my application on hold before the launchpad (last month) then yesterday I got a voicemail inviting me to a launchpad in Jan for 2017 start??


Thank you! Audit :slight_smile:


Hey guys, anyone have any advice for passing the situational judgement test?


Anyone know what the graduate salary is in Manchester for KPMG?


Anyone applied for Audit Mandarin program? Thanks!


just wondered, has anyone that applied for 2017 and then got changed to 2018 been changed back to 2017? I was told there as a chance someone would drop out and then 2017 would open up again but just wondered if it had actually happened to anyone yet. Also was told i was first in the queue for mine, but since speaking to people that seems to be what they’ve told everyone?


Not happened yet, but they called saying I have to go back in for a short interview to be assessed on “career motivation” again because they offered me a different business line to what I applied for