KPMG 2017 Intake



Has anyone been moved from the 2018 start to 2017? Please do let us know!


Why is KPMG still hosting Launchpads if places are taken and so many people have been deferred to 2018?!!


Because these Launchpads are for different geographic areas. The one next week I think is the last and is for all jobs in Scotland, it is the first and only Scottish one.


The last one is another London one for the 9th Dec


Is there anyway to practice written exercises online?


No, but at the KPMG curiosity seminar we did a similar exercise. basically make sure you have a comprehensible structure and try to be as creative as possible in your answers. Don’t worry about making risky suggestions as long as you can justify why you chose them!


I’d also like to know this!


Hi everyone,

Has anyone received an offer to join KPMG’s strategy group as a graduate next year? Cheers.


Hey. I also received a call last week about this. I was also told that at this point, even a 2018 offer may not be available either! The call was left with the option to withdraw or change to a tax programme in a different office…


What did you decide to do? It seems like that call is only for specific programmes, just the popular ones?


Well there was no alternative Scottish option for tax- which is what I applied for anyway- so I said that I would have to withdraw my application. 5 days later a different woman called and said that they were still expecting me at the LP! She said there are still some vacancies in Glasgow. So I’m supposed to be attending tomorrow but I feel like I’ve lost a good lot of prep time and also have doubts about whether there will be a position. I feel like the original call was quite explicit in stating that there was no guarantee of there being a space or a guarantee to move to 2018. So I’m quite stressed today!


I’m not sure how it has ended up like this :frowning:


I know. I’m disappointed! Part of me is thinking just to leave my KPMG dream though and focus on my other current applications. Very unprepared after spending almost a week thinking I wasn’t going! :frowning:


best of luck if you do go! just nail the competencies and you will be fine :slight_smile:


I would tell you to just go. You dont need much prep for group task and written exercise. And the interview is only 20-25 minutes so just go over why you want to work for KPMG and basic competency questions and you will be fine! Youve got nothing to lose, who knows you might come out with an offer?


May as well go and give it your all. They measure against the competencies so just make sure you are the embodiment of KPMG’s competencies and will be grand. That is completely shit though. I remember the girl who rang me, she wasn’t particularly helpful but it is crap she was so misleading to you. Good luck!


Hi, may I know what was the role you were applying for?


Just got a message saying that I’m in a queue for the launchpad. Chances look slim.


Anyone from the Scotland Launchpad heard anything yet?


Which Launchpad? Is it one of the London ones? Could you share the timeline of your application so far? Many thanks