KPMG 2017 Intake



I didn’t even know it was an option either but yes I’ll be accepting. I’ve already graduated so it’s not ideal, but working for a company like KPMG is the opportunity of a lifetime. Plus you’ve no idea what’ll happen with the candidates ahead of you in the queue for 2017. If they’re good enough to get a KPMG offer then they may get one with another firm and not end up taking the offer, hence bumping you up to 2017.


Yeah I’ll be accepting. Can always do another gap year!


Are others still “on hold” after passing the Digital Submission? Or did KPMG start getting in touch about what happens to our applications next?


Hi! I received an offer for the Intensive Audit - Leeds at KPMG.
Part of this involves relocating to Manchester for the first year.
I was wondering if anyone is in the same position as I?


I applied for the same, but have been given an offer for 2018 rather than 2017 for the time being


Anyone else get a call from KPMG about the Scotland Launchpad next week? They rang to tell me that they are capping numbers this year and successfully passing the Launchpad doesn’t guarantee a job offer… Great…


They will offer you a 2018 start but in reality loads of the 2017 offer people will take other offers so only a few end up actually starting in 2018 anyway. Just do your best at the launchpad and get the offer. Its better than nothing :slight_smile:


I attended the launchpad and no offer. According to their feedback I flunked the case study assessment- apparently the proposal was too traditional in my recommendations and not innovative enough. Can anyone recommend any websites where I can practice these for free to be better prepared in future? Thank you!


That will probably only apply to certain service lines, and if you pass I think they will invite you to 2018 start. What did you apply for and where?


Did anyone else pass their Launch Pad and receive and offer, and have now received a call telling them their offer has been pulled because they passed too many people at the AC?


Has this happened to you? Had you already accepted the offer?


I was in the waiting period from being told I have an offer to receiving the formal offer by email.
I have been told I’ll need to switch my place to Manchester, Leeds or Preston, as opposed to Newcastle where I initially applied / received an offer.


How are you actually supposed to accept your KPMG contract? Do you call the contact on the top right of the contract? I thought there would be an online signing system on the offer zone page.


That sucks. What service line did you apply for?




I’ve literally just accepted my offer, on the bottom of the letter there should be options to accept or decline their offer and then you put your password in to confirm! I know it says they don’t contact your references until around 4 months before starting, can anyone confirm this for me as I’m still in employment with someone else and don’t want to burn my bridges!


Cheers I’ve found it. I don’t know about references I’m afraid


Investment Advisory in Glasgow


Hi, I am in the process of finishing my online application for the 2017 intake (Glasgow) - as this is still the first step online I want to make extra sure I do everything correct. However due to lack of experience in this sector I have no idea how to answer the questions such as - “Your manager calls in sick etc…” “what would you do etc” can anyone give me any hints or tips?
Much Thanks


a bit late arent you? The Scotland Launchpad is on Saturday