KPMG 2017 Intake



Can I ask which office and service line for? Not had my contract yet xxxx


If anyone has any questions about the application process, please feel free to pm xxxx


im waiting for my contract, which service line and office did you apply for?


Yep I did. Did you?


I’ve applied for Audit in Leeds. I haven’t had a contract yet either but, after getting a call yesterday saying they were offering me a job, I got another call today saying the offer is for 2018 unless some people turn down offers/ ask to be deferred for a year.


Yep, read the post I just wrote for details


Hi, do you know if they have January intake in 2018? I am an international student and can’t wait until September 2018.


I don’t think so I’m afraid, as far as I’m aware. I’m pretty sure it’s implied that my offer is for September 2018


Hi, I just wanted to see if this happened to anyone else… I submitted the audio file for the digital submission stage on Friday and was waiting for a reply about the next stage. I just received this email but not too sure what to make of it

"Thank you for your interest in KPMG and the time and effort you have invested in your application.
Due to unexpectedly high success rates at our recent Launch Pads we are unable to progress your application for 2017.

This is not a reflection of your talent or ability, we are still very much interested in your application and would like to give you the opportunity to be the first to hear when we open our 2018 positions in the summer.

You are not required to do anything at this stage, we will automatically contact you about these opportunities and look forward to welcoming you back into the process for 2018."

Did my digital submission not meet their criteria and this email was just a “nicer” way of saying I got rejected? Or could my audio file have met their needs but my application could not progress because they gave out too many offers already? I’m not sure if this is like a generic email sent out to those that didn’t do well in the application stage or more tailored to those that they would have offered a place at their LaunchPad but just couldn’t because of unexpected high success rates. I have read in this forum that some people’s offers were deferred to 2018 due to high offer rates… but not sure if this issue actually affected my application. Kinda annoying…


It’s difficult to tell, they don’t explain in the e-mail whether they actually assessed your digital submission. In any case, I advise you never to wait for them to get in touch, always take charge of pushing your application forward!


This really means they have recruited enough people…I have submitted my audio files at the start of October but was still put into the waiting list. Before receiving the same email as you received, they sent me an email to notice that I can only attend an AC if they do not fill with all the position.


I attended one of the recent launchpad events and have received an offer for 2018 September, as they’ve already filled the 2017 places for the service line I applied to. She explained that they’d been doing the same with a lot of candidates due to a better than expected batch of applicants, so if you’ve not been progressed for 2017 it’s not a reflection on you, it’s just that the position you’re applying for has already been filled.


sorry to hear- can I ask which office/ service line xxx


Did they contact you before you received your contract to tell you this?


Yes. I haven’t received a contract yet, she said she was confirming that I was willing to accept 2018 before anything was sent to me


Manchester for Audit


Anyone any updates on 2017/18 starts? I’ve applied for tech consulting in Manchester- anyone applied for the same :slight_smile: ? xxxx


Hey, can I ask who called you? Had a missed call today, and then an email from someone called Cheryl asking to call her back. Bit worried now, haha! I applied for tax in Manchester


Yeah I’ve got a 2018 offer. It’s just annoying because I didn’t know that was even an option. Are you gonna accept it?


My call was from Cheryl also