KPMG 2017 Intake



How long after the launchpad did people find out if they were successful or not?


Had my Leeds Launchpad yesterday and it was a really well planned event and I felt very relaxed during it. In terms of structure it was exactly the same as what other posters have mentioned previously! KPMG seemed like a very professional company who care about their graduates so I have my fingers crossed that its good news. On a side note there around 280 people there instead of the usual 250. So a lot of people must have been invited last minute. Best of luck to everyone else for the remaining Launchpads :slight_smile:


I was also at the launchpad yesterday, what role did you apply for?
Do you think it will be tomorrow rather than today that we get a response?


Tech Consulting and you? :slight_smile:

I hope its by today but it can be tomorrow too


Management consulting, good luck!


2 days after. I got a call at around 5pm


Anyone had a response yet? I know of me and 4 other people who haven’t heard yet which is worrying…


Nothing yet!


Nothing either


I haven’t heard either and know quite a few others who haven’t, I hope the wait isn’t too much longer


I just heard back, and was offered the job. Call from an unknown number. I believe that you only get a call if you are successful, and an email if not. Good luck!! :slight_smile:




Can I ask what it was you applied to?


Thank you!


Tax in Manchester


Got a phone call an hour ago and was offered the job! :slight_smile: thank you everyone on here who had useful tips and advice which helped a great deal. It still hasnt sunk in. Time for a well earned pint for sure! Goodluck to everyone else who havent heard back yet.


Got the offer at around 14:30 today, you’ve heard back yet?


I was extremely worried when I didn’t get a call and it was getting late… I got my offer via email at 17:10 guess there were too many people to ring individually - good luck


Any idea how long it takes for our contract to be emailed through once we’ve received a job offer?


Anyone else got a job offer for 2018 rather than 2017?