KPMG 2017 Intake



Does anyone else have an application for a regional office which is still (at least according to it still being listen on their careers portal) not full up yet, but for which the respective LaunchPad date has passed?

For me, for instance, I applied to the Southampton office, but the LaunchPad for the South (Bristol on Oct 18th) has passed. You apparently have to attend a specific LaunchPad which corresponds to the geographical location for which you’ve applied - which really ought to mean that me, and anyone in my position, should have been had their applications withdrawn by now as there are no LaunchPads for them to attend.

The only thing that could possibly happen is that KPMG could start scheduling more LaunchPads for the New Year I suppose. It sounds like they’re out of LaunchPads at the moment but that there are still places to be filled in some of their regional offices (I can imagine quite remote places like Plymouth or Preston for example could still have places available?)

Anyone know if their planning to organise new LaunchPad events in the New Year? I’ll give them a ring tomorrow and ask either way. It strikes me that they could easily have filled up places like London and Manchester and whatnot and have a massive oversubscription to those offices, but that some of their regional offices are likely still in need of applicants.

*Incidentally, I asked if I could do the Leeds one (Nov 15th) and change my application to the Leeds office, but I think that’s full up now as it no longer appears on the KPMG site when you click on the link for LaunchPad dates.


What location/scheme are you applying for? In the event that you have to be deferred to 2018, did they offer you an alternative scheme/location?


I’m not sure, I know there is a London one on 9th December, and Scotland on 29th November, and I don’t think the 9th December one was initially planned, so they might plan some more after Christmas, really good luck !! xxx


Can I mither anyone for any more partner interview questions? Are they all competency based? As I saw one ‘how do you manage your time’? And does anyone know which competencies the partner interview is assessing, feel free to pm or comment to chat, thanks so much and really good luck to everyone :smiley: xxxx


they will be asking questions based on the behavioural capabilities mentioned on their website. Its also a mixed interview (why kpmg and why audit etc) as well. Its only 20 minutes so they will ask only a few questions but will want to expand on your answers.


I hope you manage to get onto 2017 intake- which service line + location is it for?


Thank you very much for your quick response- I really appreciate it! I am just looking at the question ‘describe a time you handled a stressful situation’, and trying to decide if this is assessing capability number 9 (resilience) or another one…or if its more than one capability per question :s, and if the partner interview only assesses some of the capabilities or if I should prepare an example for each one…very confusing :P, do you remember your questions at all or are you going to the launch pad on 15th :slight_smile: ? xxxx


Is anyone still on hold for the Leeds launchpad ? It’s next week and I still have no update yet. It’s for the Public Sector Audit ACA - Intensive - Leeds - Autumn


Apparently there will be more LaunchPads at the beginning of 2017. I gave them a call recently as they withdrew my application (all of the spaces in the Cardiff office have filled up) without offering me any alternatives and managed to convince them to transfer my application to the Birmingham office. From what remember the offices left (for PS audit at least) were Cambridge, Gatwick and Birmingham, so I would ring them up if I were you.


I will prepare an example for each tbh. And bear in mind they will look for some capabilities in the group task and the written task as well. Im coming on the 15th :slight_smile: but im sure its a mixed interview so prepare answers for basic competencies


Yeah I’ve given them a ring and it sounds like they are planning more LaunchPads after all. I told them that I’m totally flexible location-wise but I think Southampton isn’t full yet anyway as it looks like you can still apply there on the careers portal. Anyway, if they offer me a job I’m happy to be sent more-or-less anywhere. If they offered me a job I certainly wouldn’t turn it down purely because of an inconvenient location.


I have created a Facebook group for those who got an offer.

Feel free to join :slight_smile:


Anyone else still on hold for a London launchpad despite applying in September? Could there possibly be an extra London launchpad in December?


Very much a good idea


What sort of offers have people been getting salary wise?


i applied in early Oct. and is on hold, which program did you apply?


I got told that my offer is for 2018 now… Rather than 2017. Which sort of sucks.


Has anyone on hold for the Leeds launchpad next week received any information for transfer or alternatives?


Hey, yeah I got this too. Pretty annoyed but hey what can you do. Do you think we have a good chance of moving to 2017? Im sure lots of people reject or defer their KPMG offers right?


Has anyone else with an offer for tech consulting been given a 2018 start date on their contract? I asked about it but they said it’s not a mistake???