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I am in a middle of an application with KPMG. I have applied for the graduate scheme in the deals department. However, I have a 2.2 (with extenuating circumstances) and I graduated from Cass Business School in 2014. Since I have left uni, I was able to pass my CFA level 1 and I am currently booked in for IMC and CFA level 2. This applications means a lot to me and I want to start my career with KPMG.

Do they accept grads with 2.2 ? if not, whats do I need to do to make my application better?



I think they do, as I have the same situation, graduated with a 2.2 but got distinction in my master’s degree and I am through to AC.
Just apply


thanks, i havent done masters but i have done cfa level 1. i have applied and today i passed my situational judgement test so hopefully they will consider my application with a 2.2 ?


I am not sure.
You need to pass all online tests to get your application reviewed. So you can’t say for sure at this stage.
But just keep going with it, you never know.


Hi MZ,

I see you had a recent AC at KPMG. I have one coming up and was hoping you could shed some light on what it was like.