Kpmg 2013 graduate tax


I applied the london graduate tax position for 2013 intake and below is the Q&A. Very similar to last year’s questions:

  1. Why tax? (problem solving, dynamic industry, changing legislation)

  2. Other field looking for? (mentioned consulting)

  3. Proudest achievement? (set up a club at uni),then a follow up question on what is the difficulties and how did i deal with it? (guess i did not answer using STAR strategy)

  4. A company is doing well and 4 reasons? (standard charted,strong position in India and Asia, focus on wholesale banking rather than IB, steady growth, diversity of income)

  5. follow up question on how to further growth given the slowdown in emerging economy in China? (provide better service)

  6. A time manage multiple task?

  7. A time meet client needs and why it is important to meet clients needs?

  8. what differentiates KPMG from other big four ? (mentioned the awards kpmg got for training and community, the only big four with tax business school)

  9. What are the factors affecting the UK business sectors apart from Eurocrsis? (mentioned banking scandle). follow up on how can kpmg help clients to solve the problem? (said design better regulaton)

  10. A time solve conflict within a team?

  11. A time work under pressure? (KPMG telephone interview)

  12. What will you do in your first year?

Situational question 1:

You have a project which needs to be checked by 2 other colleagues, but when you just finish the draft, the client came and asked to see the result, what will you do in this case? (say no in a diplomatic way)

Situational question 2;

you are a senior member in your department and when you are doing a presentation in the client’s office, a newly joined junior colleague openly questioned you method and suggested a more efficient way of doing work, what will you do? how will your client think about it? (say thanks to the colleague and explain to clients that is the open environment in KPMG)

the interview lasts 45 min and my interviewer was the same guy who interviewed me for 2012 engry, which is quite awkward, coz i recongized his voice and position is exactly same.


Hello :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing your experience. Just to confirm, was this interview over the telephone or face-to-face.


@ohohoh ‘i recognized his voice’ tends to give it away, but based on the format, this is a telephone interview.


Thanks for sharing. Just a quick q, did u passed through the next stage?


Thanks for sharing. Just a quick q, did u passed through the next stage?


yes, i am having my ac tomorrow


Good luck for tomorrow! please do let us know how did u do and how was the process.


thanks so much for your help! I’m applying to Tax too. How did the AC go?


Was all this for telephone interview?