KPMG 2010 Summer Internship CLOSED???


Hi guys,

Did anyone here book a 1st round interview with KPMG for January?? Mine is coming next week but it seems that all positions have already been filled up. Because my friend who just passed his e-tray was actually told that his application couldn’t be processed forward.

KPMG opened its recruitment fairly early, so I was worried about perhaps we won’t be able to receive an offer even if we can pass the interview!


Oh it looks like not many people are applying for summer intern here.


Just keep on with the application process. If you get through and if there are no vacancies now then I guess they’ll put you on a waiting list. People often pull out because they go off and do something else.
Also, it will be good interview practice and may help you to get a full time job offer from KPMG.