KPMG 1st Interview


Hi guys,

I am preparing for the KPMG interviw and stuck by the question “Tell me about a company has potential to grow and what should do next?”. Can anybody give me any ideas in answering this question please?




Hey Lam,

I think I’d pick an internet firm. There’s one in particular, called ASOS (a women’s clothing retailer) that has been growing very rapidly and has potential to grow a great deal more in coming years that could be quite interesting…

There’s also Google (who reportedly grew by about 30% last year and expect the same for next) if you want to think about a very large company who have room to expand.

You could research Google’s recent success and think about how ASOS could apply this to their own expansion to answer the second half of this question. Think about how Google has diversified its product ranges, purchased other businesses, and advertised/marketed itself in recent years.

Let us know how your interviews go Lam - we are always keen to hear from current candidates or offer you advice if you have any further questions!




Thank you so much! I will share my story after my interview.


Looking forward to it! …any interesting information you can provide can help improve the KPMG interview questions | WikiJob Profile even further :slight_smile:



Hi all,

Can anybody give me any ideas on how to answer a question like: what’s the government’ role on accouning? :frowning:

Thanks a lot!