Korn Ferry behavioural and motivational skills online tests


Hi all,

I have been asked to complete behavioural and motivational skills online tests by a UBS. The tests are run and managed by Korn Ferry. Has anybody else any experience of these particular tests?



I have done the numerical and logical reasoning tests for UBS full time S&T. I have not heard of the Korn Ferry Tests for behavioural and motivational skills so cannot help you there. What role have you applied for if you don’t mind me asking? Interesting situation as I have never heard of anyone recieving such online assessments…


@ wannabe_trader

It is for their ACA Programme in WM.

I did the SHL type numerical reasoning test as per all the other UBS programmes and then got invited to sit these Korn Ferry tests. Interestingly, there was only a numerical reasoning test and no logical or verbal SHL type test.