KMPG offer holders - 2017 intake


Hi, just thought it would be sensible to create a group for those currently holding offers for the KPMG Autumn 2017 intake. I attended the launch pad day on the 4th October and will be in doing Audit in the London office. I am doing the intensive programme, I wonder who else is?



I got an offer for Tech London, however I am an international student and my visa ends in January 2017, so they have put my application on hold and if there are still places in August 2017 I will then only get my contract. Anyone else in this position?


I have heard of others in this situation, but you should be confident as you have been made an offer, the other I know were rejected before the offer was even made.


Had an offer from the 18th Launch Pad, but missed their second call today, anyone else had more info?


Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to get final confirmation? (ie. references are satisfactory, etc.)

And also, would they inform us when this is completed or is it just that you only hear from them if there is a problem?


From what I’ve read in the offer thing, I think as long as you accept the offer, and before your start date provide the relevant proof of degree and references, then you should be fine


I do feel it has been a very long time since I heard anything regarding the references I provided, but I guess it is just a matter of time.
Is anyone here also undertaking the Intensive Audit programme? Any ideas as to the stucture of our exams and if we ge to choose our BPP colleges ourself?


Hi I received an offer for the intensive programme, the midlands programme is based in Birmingham, that is all I am aware of. The exam structure is rather intense, you complete 14 of the 15 ACA exams within 10 months, in this time you are mostly concentrating on your studies although you do go on a short placement too.


Hi AH, that’s the only information there seems to be online about the course, ie. 14/15 in first 10 months with a 6 week placement but I would like to know about hours. I actually have a friend who is in London like I would next year but he started last year. He said hours are 9 to like 7 and some classes on weekends. We will be based in Liverpool Street or Waterloo, with three quarters in Liverpool Street (I know info not relevant to you in Birmingham AH) and first exam is like 2 weeks into the course


Hi everyone,

Do you know if there is any specific deadline for uploading the details of the referees?


Has anyone received any update from KPMG after providing references?


I haven’t heard anything back yet.

I’m assuming no news is good news


I guess it is just a waiting game really


I have created a Facebook group for those who got an offer.

Feel free to join :slight_smile:


They said that they don’t contact the references until the summer or so - I called to find out


received an email earlier this week to pick the preferred business area. I applied for audit intensive programme


Hi Happy12345, how is going now? Have you got the contract at the end? I am in the same situation as you now, not sure if i still can apply…could you please reply me since it is so important for me.


Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone here has accepted an offer for 2018 entry is still waiting for a call to join this year, because they gave out some offers after last year’s interview. I am not sure why.