KMPG application


Hi, i was just applying for KPMG and wondered how it would be best to answer the following Q’s

  • What goals have you set yourself for the next three years?
    Should I talk about how I want to become CA
  • Which of KPMG’s values have you most recently exhibited and how?
    Would it be best to talk about my community work as a volunteer as this is one of their values


Yes you’re definately on the right track. Mentioning CA is one of the goals- others include developing leadership and teamworking skills, gaining technical accounting experience, that sort of thing.

In terms of the community work, definately mention this. You should also look at KPMG’s other key competencies and relate to those where possible. Don’t talk about just community work on its own- while KPMG are a socially responsible company, they are also a driven and profitable business which is why they can afford to do community work- i.e. you need to talk about other aspects.

The key competencies are:
* Business Focus
* Building Relationships
* Leadership
* Problem Solving
* Drive and Resilience
* Career Motivation
* Making an Impact
* Task Management


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Hi, thanks for your reply really appreciated