KMPG AC 2016 - half day


I have my assessment centre this week, and have noticed that some people on the forums attended all day assessment centres whereas mine only starts at 12:30.

Someone posted something about it is because KMPG would like to get through to all applicants - I was wondering if this meant there were very few places available?

Also are all exercise still covered to the full amount (analysis, intray and group exercise)?


I used this website so much during my job hunt so have decided to start posting too to help others out! I had a half day AC for KPMG a few weeks ago, I think its just the new way they do it? So I doubt its anything to do with places available don’t worry! We had 3 exercises - the group task which was just about observing your discussion etc, the in-tray and the writing of a report.

I really didn’t think I had passed as I found the report so hard, I’d never studied anything financial/business before and people around me were doing calculations with the statistics (?!) I just popped in the key facts from the report and made sure it was very clearly structured and finished on time!

But I passed woop! So just waiting for my final interview :slight_smile: I applied for Marketing btw but its the same AC for all and they just put you through if you reach a high enough standard. Good luck! And alo you won’t get any food apart from biscuits so eat before (I was starving cos I only had brunch)


Hey can I pm you about the AC?


Hey thanks for your comments. I passed my AC in December but still haven’t heard about my partner interview so was getting concerned they may have filled up the places!


I was unfortunately in the same situation. Passed the AC in December, was told they were scheduling final interviews for January and they emailed me last month to say all the places had been filled :frowning: it’s so bad that they can just do that after all the time and effort we put it!


Yeah sure :slight_smile: Although I explained below what happened to me which was very annoying!!