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Did anybody else apply for the private banking trainee position. Have done the tests which were pretty ridiculous anybody else heard anything?



I did the test as well. It was so so random, I completed it on Monday this week and just received an email stating that i have the telephone interview sometime next week.

Have you heard anything yet?


Yeh same email so just wait and see if the telpehone interview is as strange as their testing


Hi TR226,

Did you have your telephone interview? I was a little shocked as it wasn’t competency based just asking me about my CV. Not sure I did to well but just have to see. Have you had yours yet?


its this afternoon. was expecting mostly CV stuff to be honest but will let you know how it goes


Good luck, with the telephone interview. I suppose it depends on your CV. I did law at uni and a couple of postgrad courses so it was why I wanted to switch etc…

I did expect some competency but it wasn’t that way inclined.

Let me know.


What were the tests like? Standard SHL numerical and verbal tests?


No not at all, they were some very random company I have never heard of. 90 minutes and about 100 different questions - from numerical to verbal reasoning.

Very long winded.


Oh dear. What do you suggest is the best way to prepare for it?


tr226 have you had a response from your telephone interview yet?


I had mine at the end of last week and have yet to hear back. I think it’s meant to be fairly swift.


I had mine on wednesday, she stated that we would hear back after all the interviews but i thought we would of by now as the first interview date is 16th which is a week today.


Don’t think it will take long tbh, expect maybe by Friday latest.


Well keep me posted Bob good luck pal seems like a dream graduate job.


Likewise, do post when you hear something.


Found out I have an assessment centre, passed the telephone interview. Good luck to everyone else.


Also got the assessment center


ive got the assessment centre tomorrow, has anyone else?


i have my assesment center on friday assuming i dont get another job in the meantime. will anybody else be there on friday?


Has anyone heard back from their assessment day yet? I thought we were meant to hear back by today.