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Hi guys,

I’ve recently just passed the telephone interview stage and was informed that I will have an assessment day soon with Kingston Smith. I was wondering if anyone on here has had any recent experience with the company? If you could let me know what to expect and the interview questions that come up I would be so grateful.


Hi LeciesterGrad

Kingston Smith isn’t a company I’ve had any contact with, but I did see there are a couple of old threads on here (one with recent comments) that might be helpful for you:

Best of luck. Let us know how you got on!


I had an interview with them a month ago but unfortunately the personality test was dire. It said I was a creative type who did not like structure and preferred popularity to making hard choices. My current boss found that extremely hard to believe and in hindsight I should have refuted such accusations with a resume to hand rather than giving anecdotes to counter such an analysis.

Questioner seemed to be agitated and would often cut in, I found out from feedback over a month later (at which time I’d rejected a Masters offer from Exeter) that he thought I rambled. As a debater who has had articles published, I found this hard to believe and am concerned that the personality quiz coloured the interviewers perception of me before I had even stepped into the room.
Interviewer also found my question about accountancy regulation odd even though according to his profile that was a speciality of his; turns out they just wanted me to ask about what life at Kingston Smith was like rather than about the minutiae of what the job entails! Despite the fact that in previous rounds you have the opportunity to ask non-Partners about life at Kingston Smith and hear answers from people who are closer to your prospective station.
All in all, I would say that the fact that it took them over a month to get back to be despite persistent hounding on my part is illustrative of the management at Kingston Smith. I may sound petulant but feel vindicated by these 18 reviews by their own employees: