Kinetic Partners 2014


Anyone had a telephone interview for Kinetic Partners yet?
What were you asked? How long did it take?


Hi Edwardo? How did your telephone interview go? What kind of questions did they ask you, was it mainly competency?

Thank you


I had my interview on Mon the 12th of May, still waiting for the outcome.

The questions were all competency, one question for each of their values (you can find those online). Commercial awareness question was only ‘how do you keep up with business news?’ not asking for a particular example or anything like that. Motivational questions: why Kinetic Partners, why audit. Pretty standard 30 min interview.


Same as above + “What do you know about Kinetic Partners?”
Very standard interview. Still waiting for outcome.



How long were your interviews by the way?


Less than half an hour. Good luck


Oh okay thanks, just had mines and was just about 20mins so just wanted to clarify. The interviewer did say it was 20-30mins though, so yes quite short in length!


Thanks for the help! Have you guys heard anything back regarding the outcome of your telephone interview?