Kimberly-Clark telephone interview


Hi guys, please I need help on Kimberly-Clark’s telephone interview questions…Mine is holding tomorrow.


How was your interview going?

I also got my telephone interview several days ago, and I am still waiting for their response now. Have you got any feedback from them already?


Hi chrischrislee I 'm wishing you great success on your interview…I hope it went well…I’m yet to attend the interview…it was rescheduled…What kind of questions was asked?..Was it competency based?..Any other information will be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!


hi, my telephone interview was a quiet normal one.

It started with a series of general questions, such as the function you applied for,your educational background, your study life in the university,your knowledge about K-C etc. So do have a CV with you to remind you.

The second part of the telephone interview was competency based, and it was mainly focused on team work experience. Just prepare some examples in advance related to leadership/working in a team/problem solving, and so on.

At the end I got the chance to ask some questions.

I can’t remember exactly all the questions I have been asked since there were a bunch of questions arising one after another. But don’t worry, the interviewer was far and away the best interviewer I had ever talked to, a really nice person. Just be relaxed and listen carefully to the questions. GOOD LUCK!!!

BTW, may I know which function you applied for?


hi thanks for that…I applied for the graduate supply chain role…


I was asked who are KC’s biggest competitors and what makes KC unique. Hard Q! Make sure you know about the company for the telephone interview.