Kiln Assessment Centre


Hello everyone, I’ve recently gotten through all the stages for Kiln Group Insurance graduate scheme, and have now being invited to the assessment centre.

I cannot seem to find any information online regarding their assessment centre. Does anyone have any information about Kiln’s past assessment centre. Or is there anyone here currently in their graduate scheme. I would be grateful for any help. Thank you.


HI Mushman, I am currently apply for Kiln, do you mind tell me if you have attened the AC for kiln???


Hi Mushman, congrats and best of luck on your progress so far. I have not yet reached the assessment stage. I am currently waiting for a telephone interview.

I will like to find out how the telephone interview was for you; what type of questions were asked



hey max45, how do you know you get a telep interview from kiln? did they give you an email or phone call to notice you?
good luck for you job hunting~


Any update guys? I have a face to face interview with KILn on 14th …anyone been through this ?


Hi ola101,
How did ur face to face interview go? Was it technical??


the interview went well i thought, didnt get the position through. I was really demoralised going for it due to some messing about i got from a different company… It was not technical, it was more around the job, ur fit for it and some tests


Hi ola101 I have gt a telephone interview with Kiln and I have no idea what to prepare for. Would you be kind enough to let me know what questions you were asked during the telephone interview and any other help you can give is welcome. Thanks