Kendall Freeman/EAPD Assessment Centre Advice needed.


Anybody have experience of this firms assessment day. Any help will be appreciated.
I just scrape their academic entry requirements, how can I make myself stand out.
Many thanks.


Not sure how much info you’ll get here. American firm - yep?? Make sure you are very assertive in the interview. They’ll like that.

When is your interview? Can you tell us how it goes when you’re done?


Kendall Freeman is a london firm but merged with Edwards Angel Palmer Dodge in 2008.


If you want to make yourself stand out - read as much as you can about the firm. Research their clients, recent cases they’ve been involved in, find out about their training - what you like and dislike about it, find out about the merger with EAPD, think about current iddues such as the credit crunch and how it might effect the firm… totally prepare for your interview and any questions you may be asked.

For the other parts of assessment day, you need to be assertive, constantly inputting useful and intelligent info to group discussions, etc… you need to be enthusiastic. If you show them you really really want the job, you’ll get it.