Keeping up with commercial awareness


This question has stung me a couple of times in the past.

At one interview i was plainly asked how i kept up to date with accounting news and i was stumped. I’ve read accountancy magazine in uni library a few times but not regular enough to talk about it in depth.

Financial times is also pricey at £2 a day, although it is very good.

Are there any websites or other press that you regularly read and reccomend to keep up to date with whats going on?

#2 (they let you read a few items for free)

read accountancy magazine more often


Hi 6th,

If you want to read the FT and avoid the £2/day for the print newspaper, they are running a special promotion via Facebook [] which gets you a free 1 year subscription to (Need to be a current/recent student… Must be with a student ‘network’ on FB, i.e. University or College ‘network’. Although… I graduated last year and it worked for me just now.)
I like the FT, but if very rare for me to find a purely accounting-related article (When I occasionally buy it).

For more general business, finance, economy and world news I like to read the Economist (been a print subscriber since 2004!) you can now pretty much get every article free on the website ([]).

Whilst at uni (2nd year??), I signed up to the ACCA Accelerate [] scheme (£15/year gave me the ACCA’s student magazine, gives access to ACCA skills days and makes initial registration for ACCA free upon graduation). The magazine was quite useful actually.

hope that helps, ucayman.


that fb thing sounds good but I don’t have access to my university email anymore so it won’t let me sign up :frowning:


i didn’t need my uni email (Which I don’t have access to either)… just clicked the link from the FB app… but if you removed or never had your uni as a network on FB then it wouldn’t work.


yeah wasn’t even signed upto FB back then


This blog - - is also very useful for accountancy information. The guy that runs it, Richard Murphy, is very left-wing (he writes for the Guardian quite often) but the issues he reports on are very relevant.


The Gateway online is a great website for commercial awareness. Not only has it got articles on all the up to date issues but it is more accessible than the financial times and it’s free. The paper also features articles from all the top employers on the hot topics as well as interview tips and advice. You can also subscribe for the free e-version of the fortnightly paper which is useful.