Keep looking in England or go for PwC abroad?


What would you do if you were me?

I’ve been looking for jobs in the UK since december and have been placed on the reserve list for the NHS grad scheme. I have a few other things in the pipeline, now at interview stages. I’m originally from Prague and thought I’d try applying to PwC for Systems and Process Audit and see what they think of me. I sent them my CV and they started headhunting me, invited me to an AC and made me an offer straightaway. BUT… I’m not ready to commit to moving back to Prague yet, I love living in Sheffield and also feel that I haven’t exhausted all my options in my job hunt in England yet by any stretch of imagination. But the opportunity at PwC is amazing and I might be able to get a transfer abroad a couple of years down the line.

So I don’t know what to do. What would you say?


Hey froo. Numerous discussions and floods of tears later I decided to turn it down and keep looking in England. Talked it over with my parents, they weren’t that supportive at first of my decision but that’s because they only know PwC is an excellent company - when I explained my reasons for wanting to turn it down they understood. No word of a lie PwC did offer me an excellent package but it wsa made quite clear that you can’t hope for secondment abroad before you’ve qualified - that’s 5 years and that wasn’t something I was willing to do what with my plans for the future. I was kinda all set on taking it but then my mum started talking about selling my things and the logistics of moving I decided that wasn’t what I wanted to do. When I made the phonecall the HR lady was obviously miffed (I don’t think they get turned down very often) but said I made a great impression at the AC and they were completely in love with me so if I changed my mind in 6 months or a year’s time I should let them know. It’s nice to have a contingency plan.
I’m going to keep looking in England vigorously and if I’m in the same position in a year’s time I’m gona go for it. Like I said, I decided to go with my gut. I think it was the right decision, even the best job in the world doesn’t make up for your being miserable. You can also do the same type of work for a different company, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the Big4. Their appeal is mainly reputation and they think of themselves as some sort of a secret club. I had an interview with BDO today and they made a much better impression on me than PwC ever did if I’m honest, they don’t spend very much time thinking about their shining public image and rather get on with the job. If I were you I’d go for your interviews, you’ve nothing to lose if you go and you might just love it there.
Apologies about this rambling post but I feel like I need to explain the mind process behind rejecting something that most people regard as ‘unbeliavably awesome’. You need to do what’s best for you.