Keen on pursuing the ICAEW ACA Qualification in the UK- opportunities for International Students




I will greatly appreciate if anyone who knows about the ICAEW ACA qualification in the UK can answer my query.

I am an Indian, working with one of the big 4 firms in India. I am with their Global services entity working in the Audit function for UK. I took up an opportunity to pursue the ACA qualification with the firm and have been able to pass the first level i.e CFAB with them this year. However, my training agreement required me to score an aggregate of 60% or more in the 6 CFAB exams that I gave in order to qualify to go to the UK and take the next level of the qualification.

While I passed all my CFAB exams, I missed the 60% deadline by 2% due to which my training agreement with my employer has come to an end. I am still very keen to go forward to the next level but unfortunately don’t know my options due to the limited knowledge of the course here in India.

Do you think I can possibly apply with some other ICEAW certified employers who would hire me and sponsor my exams in the UK? Do firms in the UK have such opportunities for International Students who have passed their CFAB exams? I do hold a graduate degree in Commerce and will complete 2 years with my current employer in August 2015 which I joined right after graduating.

Any advice will be deeply appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


Hi there,
Short answer here is: yes you could apply to the UK professional services firms and they would sponsor you and pay for the rest of your exams if you were offered a place.

You would still have to apply as a graduate (as you are not fully qualified) and then when it came to the first level of exams, you would apply to the ICAEW for an exemption, and you wouldn’t be required to re-take them. You would then continue on with the rest of the exams at the rate of the other graduates.
This would allow you to continue gaining the your work experience whilst completing your exams, and so is probably the best option!

I hope this helps. Good luck!