KBR - Assessment Day


Hi all,

I wonder can any1 share your assessment day experience for KBR?
Is there any technical question or report written involved ?
How the group exercise like?
I am going to attempt the project control assessment day.
Any hints will be greatly appreciate!


Which graduate scheme is it for?


I&G Graduate in Project Control.
I am very nervous and can’t stop pratising all those aptitude test …
KBR is my dream company.


anyone heard anything for a 2010 start?


HI guys, hopefully you still check this thread lol

I have recently applied for the Graduate Project Management position for a 2011 start.

Can anyone give me any info on what the selection process involves? What comes after the intial application etc

and “adia”, if you are still out there…how did you get on at the assessment centre?


Please can someone tell me about the assessment centre of KBR. I have a first and final interview in 2 weeks time


sorry cant help you liberwoman, my assessment centre is not until the 13th July!

Good luck!

I would be grateful if you could let me know how you get on!


I have been accepted for a role as an Associate Technical Professional Electrical. They don’t call them Graduates.

My day was a small group of 6 people going for the position.
We had an ice breaker where we learn about each other, do a presentation on something we are passionate about, do a team work exercise and then a technical interview. It isn’t stressful and the people are extremely nice. Good luck to those who go for the position



Which kind of technical questions they asked you and how long it lasted? I have an assessment day on Monday 13/03/2012 for a mechanical engineer position.

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:


Hello All

I wonder if anyone can help me, i have an assessment centre for The Graduate Electrical Engineering programme. Does anyone know what they are actually looking to assess us on? Or anything we can practise and brush up on before. I know “caracustus” already has secured this role, so any tips?



Any tips or advice you suggest for the electrical scheme?


Hi Farhan,
You don’t have to stress, it is an easy assessment, make sure that you revise all the principal basic formulas of electrical engineering, and revise your dissertation or project you did at uni they gonna ask you oral questions in the one to one interview.

Your day gonna start with the presentations, try to be first to present respect the time they give.

in the group interview they gonna give you a simple exercise try to speak a lot try to take the lead.
in the face to face interview they gonna ask you technical questions and HR questions like why KBR, give an example were you had faced a difficult situation what is you preferred subject at uni, tell me one time when you had to work in a team…

at the end they ask you to write a text on why do you want to work for kbr try to prepare it at home, one full page is more than enough
if you have any more questions don’t hesitate


Thank you soo much Ali, what you mentioned helps alot and answers a lot of questions I had. But just to elaborate on the points you mentioned:

1/ Into what depth of formulas are we talking about?
2/ The presentaation; was it a technical presentation? as in I have already sent my presentation, but I kept it short (as its 5 minute slot) do they ask questions about this?

Also they have asked me to take some Verbal and Numerical tests online prior to the Assessment centre, do they ask for further tests at the Assessment centre, as its mentioned they may do so…(btw those tests are pretty difficult, I need to practise them thoroughly).

Do you also know how many Roles they are willing to fill?

Thanks alot for your comments! I really appreciate it. How did your Assessment day go?

  • I was assessed for a mechanical engineering position so I don’t know which questions they gonna ask you, the presentation I had was about something you are passionate about and yes you have to keep it 5 minutes sharp and they gonna ask you 2 questions max about your presentations so you don’t have to worry
  • for the online tests no they did not do any more verbal and numerical in the assessment day, so don’t panic and practice from the link they sent you there are a lot of examples.
    For the number of roles, I really don’t know, ask them!
    Try to be talkative and ask plenty of questions and make sure that you look interested.

For my part I did not get the job, cause i haven’t done well in the online test and I did not revise the technical part of the interview.
good luck and all the best! let me know how it goes!


Hi Ali,

Thanks for your contributions so far. I just hope you still come to this forum because I have some other questions to ask you. I’d be glad if you can provide me with your email address to have a further chat with you. Thanks.


Warning to all about KBR. I had an assessment in February and after the interview and maths test was told I was successful. I was delighted and cancelled all other graduate interviews I had as the HR of KBR told me I would be starting in September and he confirmed this twice. After months of trying to contact them and no one really knowing what was going on, I was told in August that I would not be starting with KBR and that they wouldn’t know when I would be starting. I asked why I was told I would be starting and they gave me some story about there not being enough projects. Luckily I am now working offshore with Chevron.
A warning to all, even if the HR of KBR tell you you were successful, still apply for other roles. They might screw you over and you could end up in the position I was in. The HR department for KBR are crap and it is difficult getting through to them. I


I totally agree with milkdundee about the poor HR communication in KBR. I wasn’t as successfull as milkdundee in getting an offer, however I got to the assessment centre having done all tests prior, I was told my tests were absolutely fine and I passed them at higher average compared to rest. Going forward few months; a member of HR emailed me and said I didn’t succeed due to ‘low score on tests’ however I know I did fine in them, I am confident in them. Anyway long story short, they are poor in communication skills from HR. Anyway, not to worry about the assessment day, it’s pretty basic compared to some others I went to; you will need to prepare a short passage elaborating why you want to work for them; basically sell yourself to them. I successfully got a job with UK Power Networks


Ali Abdoun if you (or anyone else here) know what kind of mechanical engineering technical qs they can ask us I would be very grateful.


Can you tell us more about mechanical engineering technical qs pls


Has anyone had assessment day for process engineering please? thanks