Kaplan Study Manuals


Hey Guys,

I’m looking to purchase some old study manuals for Assurance/Tax/Accounting modules. If you’ve got any lying around that your not using. I would be grateful.



Beware. Don’t buy out of date manuals. Tax legislation changes annually.
Audit and accountancy exams change frequently too.


i wonder what happens with all those out of date textbooks?
every year a new batch become out of date/ redundant.

i’ve still got a bunch of law textbooks from years ago lying around - I guess the only thing one can do is send them off for recycling?


Don’t Law textbooks have a reasonable shelf life? I still love reading the very old cases… Donoghue v Stevenson and the Carbolic Smoke Ball company.
When you have your own office pile all your old books in there en route for the bin ten years later when you realize you actually don’t use them.


Sometimes people sell their old ones on ebay but as mentioned law/regulation/syllabus changes generally mean you need the new ones