Just passed Pwc telephone interview, assurance. Here are the questions they asked me


Talk about the qualification you will take. describe it. what are the subjects. how you get it.

how you keep up with business news.

a recent news interests you.

tell me a time when you lead a project.

tell me a time when you were asked to do something unethical.

A time you had to adapt to a new way of working?

Example of when I had worked in a team towards a common goal?

Tell me about a time when you worked with someone with different working style than yours.

tell me a time when Do something where you hadn’t been given enough guidance

Tell me a time when you met difficulties in doing a project by yourself.

Tell me about a time when u raised a concern at work

Hope these will help.

BTW, I’m taking the assessment center 18 Dec. Can anyone who have been there give me some advices?


Hi could you tell me in what detail you had to speak about the aca qualification? also on the competencies, did they drill you a lot, did they ask more than one example…


hi! when is your telephone interview? I have one last Saturday and got message today that i am through to the AC. But the earliest AC for me is 7th Jan. I am applying to Assurance as well. Keep in touch! Good luck with your AC


Hi, I had mine yesterday so I have not heard back as yet…I did not have a telephone interview, it was face to face…I applied for assurance in their reading office. Where did you apply?


London. Had it two days ago.


I’m just trying to do a bit of preparation for my telephone interview, and I’m having trouble coming up with an answer to a time I had to do something unethical… It’s a strange question and I’m a bit unsure what they’re after, any advice would be great!

Cheers guys


Hi everyone

If you want to pass your telephone and partner interviews search ‘The Competency Interview Explained’ on E-bay. Its an e-book which outlines all the competencies PwC and Deloitte look for with example questions and example answers and loads of extra hints and tips from those who have been through it and passed already. I used it and got offers from both Deloitte and PwC so its definitely worth a look at least.

Oh and Dandavies it has an example answer for the unethical question if your struggling so it will definitely help.

All the best guys


I searched ebay for what you said about competency interview guide but found nothing. Could you please give me more details about this ebook. my telephone interview is on Monday 25. Please help me.