Just IT NPP - has anyone done this?



Hey guys,
Sorry if this isn’t the right category. But I am interesting in working in IT support. I use to work it retail in technology and I loved fixing customers computers etc and trying to determine the problem. I have not got any qualifications in IT so I think I am wanting to do a course to get some recommended certifications. I have found this company called JustIT. they do a program which gives you
CompTIA A+ 1 & 2
Microsoft Windows 7 (MCTS)
Microsoft Server 2008 (MCTS)
Cisco CCNA

the course price starts from about £3500. They also grantee you a job which i am a bit spectical about. Just want to know if anyone has had any experience or what training companies you would recommend to start my career? I have heard firebrand is good too

Many thanks,