just how good...


…do you need to be at maths to be really good in your job as an accountant? To reach the top do you need to be a mathematical whizz kid, or is a basic grasp of numbers enough. For example, although I am decent at maths (A at GCSE) I’m not great (E at AS Level - dont ask).


So basically I am OK, but not great. Would I be destined for solid mediocrity?


Mathematics skills improve your overall capability to solve logical problems and make quick assumptions on facts and figures! so if you are good at maths, your assumptions would be close estimates and your opinion would probably be valued when requested. Maths is vital in accounting, its hard to learn but very useful!

If you dont like maths, i dont think you can like accounting, if you want the title, do the shift!


You got an A at GCSE, so I’m guessing you’ve got the foundations to be a strong mathmatician. There’s no reason why you can’t ace the numerical tests etc. for job applications.

Since accounting won’t utilise much (if any) of the content taught at A-Level Maths (Calculus, Probability etc.), you’ll be learning fresh material. If you ignore the fact you even did a Maths A-Level, you’ll be going in with a top GCSE grade, so I’m willing to bet that with some effort you could be a very good accountant.