Just completed PwC Application process (and others) and got offer, anyone have any questions?


Having just went through the application process for:

PwC (Got an offer)
KPMG (Got an offer)
Grant Thorton (Got to telephone interview stage)
Ernst & Young (Only passed online tests)

Got a large amount of information from this website regarding these application processes and I would be happy to answer any questions.

Some specifics, all Belfast applications.

PwC was for Tax, although auditing is the same process
KPMG Audit
Grant Thorton Tax
E&Y Tax

starting september.

Ask me questions!


Well here’s a slightly silly one, but I did the online tests fpr PWC two weeks ago and havent heard a peep out of them since. Do you know if thats normal? I know you probably arent the best person to answer but I am a bit worried, would they have at least emailed me if I had failed?


PwC are very good with replying with whether or not you passed, promptly, from my experience. So I would say that it is not normal. I would check your account and ensure that you don’t still have the task pending completion through some technical fault on PwC’s side, if you don’t have any tasks to complete I’d suggest emailing them.


I have to attend an assessment centre soon and have been told that I will have to give a 5 minute presentation, however I won’t be told what the topic is until the day of the assessment. Did you have to give a presentation and if so what topics were you asked to speak about?


Hey, I’m sorry to say that my assessment centre did not feature a 5 minute presentation, however I would expect that you would not be required to go into detail on anything too complicated as they recruit people with any background, not just finance degrees etc.

for reference, at my assessment centre i done the following:

Read a booklet and write a report - 20mins
Numeracy test - 20mins
Pattern recognition test, logical reasoning I think is the proper name - 20mins

50 minute group discussion.

let me know if you want any further details


Hi PWC Trainee

Congrats on ur offers.

I have a telephone interview with pwc soon. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:



I have a telephone interview coming up too, I will appreciate if you can help with what to expect.



To, MildlyFedUp

I completed the online tests (start of September) and didn’t hear back after three weeks ( did apply for other places while waiting ), bumped into some promotional guys around my campus for PwC and they said they would find out for me. E-mailed me that day and told me I failed, it was unusual that I didn’t hear back but I would say the same thing looks like it has happened to you. Phone or e-mail anyway.
I wouldn’t fret, he told me you could apply three months later and see it as, if you haven’t passed their tests you obviously aren’t suited for each other. I have sat many tests and failed most of them, but two I am going to the next stage for.

Aw well!



I maybe should have pointed out that it’s an IT position I have applied for and perhaps explains why my assessment day is structured differently from what you have described. The one I have to attend consists of 2 interviews, one of them being a competency based interview, a presentation and a group excercise. Thanks for your reply anyways.


Hi guys, in regards these telephone interviews, I never actually had one. However at the final presentation night I was given very good advice that I used in my final interview.

PwC have, on their website, 8 competencies and they stressed very clearly that if you knew these you’d be fine.(have an example ready for each)

i.e. Q: Tell me a time when you demonstrate courage and integrity, etc

Also make sure you know a bit about PwC AND about the qualification you’ll be studying for, and how you’ll be studying for it. (likely ACA)

My entire application process was a follows:
2 Online tests, and 2 online questionnaires about how i’d behave etc.

Meeting in PwC office, informal

Assessment day

Group discussion

Meeting at Hitlon hotel, pretty formal

Final interview.



congrats man…

i have an assessment centre on 19 DEC can you tell me any tips for the diagrammatic tests? was there any particulalry helpful and useful resources which you used to revise???

Im having trouble in time managment aspects… how many questions did u answer ??? and do you know the pass marks boundaries??

cheers mate


hi, i have my first interview with pwc for actuarial very soon. i have had a look at their global competencies and i am struggling with the “thinking outside the box” example and also an example of acting on principle, if anyone can give me any help it would be much appreciated.
Also with the commercial awareness questions were you asked to discuss a recent business issue or a certain company that has recently been in the news?


I done the SHL practise test, then it’s basically the same as the one you did on your online test.

I answered 27questions, out of 40, I only got time to lookat 34 of them.

Best tip really is that if you aren’t seeing the pattern very quickly, move on. there are so many questions you’ll be ok.

don’t wildy guess, unless you can narrow it down, leave it blank. I know a lot of people who just guessed their remaining answers and they didn’t get any further.



you mention competencies, where are you applying too as that was not a competencies that I was advised to prepare for. I went with the 8~9 on the Uk website.

I was asked to discuss a recent business issue with the partner, I choose the eurozone.

It’s a topic i’d recommend, as there’s so much basic information and then any follow up questions they ask are easy to reply too.

I talked about italys situation, and how greece defaulting would cause contagion with italy and spain.


cheers matey… i appreciate your time to anwer

any tips on the report exercise which we have to write… and any other further general tips during the assessment centre

thanks again


for the report, look up the standard format for writing a memo, To/from/date/subject etc.

i done an introductory paragraph, writing about why the report is being written, then got stuck into listing the options,i only got through 2/4 then i ran out of time.

It’s not about getting it finished, just make sure what you got done before hand is important.

no prior knowledge required for the report , except the layout.

group exercise really is simple, just speak up, and be nice.


thanks for the help mate… and thanks for the quick reply…

did you use assessment day by any chance for your revision?? if so … how difficult are the questions from them tests to actual pwc shl tests? cheers

thanks again…


Hi PwC Trainee

Thanks for all the information so far.

My biggest worry is the commercial awareness part. The initial talking about a piece of business news seems simple enough, but how did you prepare for answering how your topic would affect PwC and what services PwC could offer in relation to your topic?


in regards assessment day for my revision, i did not go over anything from the assessment day prior to the next stage (final interview)

The commericial awareness part, I was only asked to talk about an issue I was interested in, i.e. I got to choose, this made it very easy. Grant Thorton is tougher to prepare for in regards commercial awareness.


hey thanks again for your replies… i appreciate your time pal…

Il try to make this my last question for the AC…

do you remember how much time you spent reading your report … and how much time writing?

do they make you do all your writing with pencil? … i.e. the report and numerical and diagram tests??

and where did you write your answers for the tests… i.e. did you circle the correct answers … or answer on a plain sheet of paper.

cheers mate