Just a few questions on the KPMG Presentation


Hi - I have an AC soon and I am just preparing for my presentation. I have decided to talk about Aldi and have listed all their strategies which are already being implemented by the company - do you think this is a good idea or do you think I should give my own strategies?

Also I need some help explaining how KPMG can help with the strategies already being implemented by the company. The strategies I have given are:

  • Expanding plans of opening 60 stores in the UK in 2009
  • Aldi branching out into the Travel Industry
  • Aldi partners up with hotel Travel Lodge.

If you could help me that would be fantastic thankyou


I think this is a very sensible choice. You should talk about their strategies and also offer a few of their own. You will also need to give you opinion on their strategies and why you think this is so, and be able to back up your own strategies with a decent argument.

I hate to say it (and they will hate you for bringing it up, just like everybody else will!) but you will have to feature in the current economic climate as well somewhere, and it’s likely impact on Aldi, which from what I’ve heard, is actually a fairly favourable one.


Hi Chrism thanks a lot for writing back and I appreciate your comments - i don’t fully understand what you mean by ‘you will have to feature in the current economic climate as well somewhere’?

Do you mean about the credit crunch – I have written that because of the credit crunch - there is a lack of confidence within the economic climate and people are turning away from expensive stores and becoming more value-conscious - thus reasons why Aldi are currently doing well at the moment…??



Thanks lol !


Bulls eye.


Hey Chris thanks for your help. I was wondering if you could help on this one last thing please…

A strategy i was thinking Aldi could do is online shopping as they do not currently do so.
Another one was to merge with the other top discounters in the UK such as Netto and Lidl??? What do you think to the merging idea? Do you think it’s too much of a big transaction and not realistic enough? There could be so many pros to merging as they will have a bigger product portfolio, more stores within the UK etc etc… but then again Lidl is their competitor?

If you could help this last time that would be great :slight_smile: !! Thankyou


Hey if anyone can help please – I want to say how the Tax service within KPMG can help and I have written this:

New legislation is continually being introduced – and each change can have major implications for a business like Aldi. The tax team within KPMG is to stay abreast of developments and to advice clients of new risks and opportunities, which may arise. The tax practice also advice their clients on pension provision, how to structure reward packages for business leaders, and how to manage personal tax issues for a globalised workforce. This line of service could really help Aldi as they have major global expansion plans over the next ten years.

BUT I am reaally scared if they ask me anything on tax after as I don’t have much knowledge on it. For example, I read on Wikijob that someone got asked ‘What is the corporate tax rate in the country you suggested for your company to expand too?’

If you can please help I would really appreciate it thankyou !!