does anyone happen to know what the email contact for jpm is? i cant seem to find it and my application has been under review for over a month now!

Thanks in advance!


I’d call. You’ll get a quicker response!


Lobvot2 you must be lucky though, cuz I submitted my application in September and still no reply…


…and e-mail contact depends on which business area you applied to.


hi I applied for Jp about 3weeks. still havn’t got reply from them. should i phone them?..


unlike the last season where i was able to locate some sort of contact email or summ, i am unable to get access to any of these this season. I’ve been told by a reliable source that the hiring has been outsourced or something to that effect. Why this should delay the whole process now is beyond me!


My application has also been under review for almost 3 weeks now. Does anybody have any contact details?



I applied passed 1st round screening, then passed the test, and got an email saying i haven successful but havent heard any thing for 3 weeks now!!

How abt every one else?


Found their contact details finally on prospects . It is 44 (0)207 325 6432 and the email contact,


thanks lobvot2.

I will drop them and emai for monday.