JPMorgan verbal test invitation


Did any one receive the invitation?I received one today !!nearly 3 weeks after my submission!
HR began to work @_@ lol
Did anyone finish this?Is that SHL or PSL?



which department have u appiled for

still waiting for test




i applied for asset management london I heard someone said they would screen after the deadline? so deadline has passed?



Deadline is the 8th! Fingers x the rumour are tru?

Im getting worried now as i applied for jan 2010 start date

go to there deadlines sum have been filled.!



I did the verbal test a few weeks ago, a few days after my numerical… Asset Management as well… Not sure about SHL or PSL… It was OK I guess, not too easy but not too hard either…


Uhmm, have you guys all had a verbal test? I was only invited to do a numerical and after that it said that my application is complete and under review. Asset Management division. Odd…

At any rate, are they going to start sending the outcome of their reviewing (AC invitation/rejection) right after the deadline???


Hi Zerocool i applied for graduate operation and business div just 3 days ago and i have been invited for online numerical test. I am really sacred of this test. This test is one of the reason i never got a placement as i only passed few companies that i applied to numerical test and failed alot. The few i passed after i got to the final round interview the companies kick me out… i am so desperate to ensure that i pass this test please tell me how you passed urs?? How did u prepare for it? its shl i suppose… do u think i will invited for verbal reasoning as well?? It seems that asset management role involves numerical and verbal but i don’t know about operations… please reply asap as i have got 5 days from now to complete my numerical test…