JPMorgan Operations First Round Interview


Hi, I have just been invited to a first round interview for a graduate operations analyst role and I am aware of that there would be two competency-based interviews.
I am just wondering what kind of skills and competency they are particularly looking for and what specific questions they will ask?

Any advice will be very much appreciated!



Hi janshock

I’ve not done the JP Morgan application process myself, but thought I’d point you to these two articles in case they’re useful for you?

Good luck!


Hi Janshock66. I have a first round interview for a graduate finance analyst. Would you mind sharing how your interview went/structured and if possible any questions you can remember. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !!!


The questions were pretty similar to that posted on the wikijob. They asked for 4 competency in one interview. What I can remember is that motivation, leadership, teamwork, initiative/taking risks and integrity. Besides analytical skills that how you cope with the situation that you do something but the result went wrong and that how you improved a process or anything. They also asked me a comercial awareness question like ‘tell me about a company that you follow’.
Just stay calm and be nice, you will be fine.
Gook luck for your interview!


Thank you, Your advice is terribly valuable as there aren’t many recent posts regarding JPM interviews.


Hi Janshock66, Is it ok if you can share a bit of the AC experience for your role applied?