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Hi all,

I have an upcoming assessment centre at J.P. Morgan for an autumn internship in the IBD division. Does anyone have experience with this assessment centre and recalls any tips/advice? (e.g. what kind of brainteasers etc…)



When’s your AC? I applied in April, and then was asked to take an online maths test a couple of days ago - haven’t heard anything since… Have you applied to / heard back from anywhere else for Autumn internships?


Have the AC on thursday. I didn’t apply elsewhere for autumn internships but I do have a fulltime offer some place (M&A). But I would rather go for JPMorgan internship and perform well and thus leverage into a FT position hopefully. What about you, any other place? Maybe you should mail them to ask about it? Have you heard from any other applicants?


I applied a couple of months ago to JPM, as well as a couple of other banks like UBS, but haven’t heard anything back really. Am interning somewhere else, but would be nice to have something over Autumn.


The Wiki page - [[JPMorgan]] - could be helpful!


so how did it go?


Does anyone have any tips on what to expect for an interview with JP Morgan for their Autumn Internship?


1-st round will be mostly competency based,but you’d better also prepare the technical questions as they may come up.
2-nd round will be case study which you’ll have to present, then discussion of the case in the group of 3 - each of you will have to promote given company as an acquisition target while 3-4 people will be listening and assessing you. afterwards you’ll have 2 or 3 interviews with either those who assessed your group discussion or other people. At the last stage interviews you’ll highly likely talk about everything, including brain teasers, competency and technical questions, market awareness, knowledge of the jpm.
Bear in mind that not necessarily they will be asking you any figures but try to be factual, at least about the jpm’s quarter results and it’s main strengths. highly likely that the very next day they will tell about the results - which is priceless as you’ll save your nerve cells))
good luck and don’t be scared - people at jpm are very very friendly and helpful, just be yourself))


Thanks loads MaxBik - all very clear and helpful, but what’s a brainteaser?


questions that check your logical abilities - like how many cars are there in uk or why the manhole covers are round and not square, etc. check wikijob, vault, etc. - just google it - there should be plenty articles on this subject)

my advice on the second round - try to train yourself on the case studies at home -ask someone to pick up 3-4 companies from one industry with some description of their business and some financials, and prepare your conclusion on which one is the best target, which is the least, etc. try to do it in 30 minutes. that would be ur competitive advantage, i u r interviewing to the IB)


Hi Guys,

I was wondering does any one know when there recuitment process starts again for graduate positions?



Thanks a lot for this info!

I am a bid suprised, because the e-mail form JPM does not mention this!

It only states that there will be first a numerical and 2 competency based interviews and if passed, final round interviews afterwards.

So do I still have to expect group presentations/case studies?

How difficult was the numerical test? Anyone knows the min. score? I read something about 18 out of 28, but in the e-mail it states that the numerical will be only for 20min. so I dont expect 28 questions during that time.