JP Morgan



Has any one applied to the JP Morgan Applications this year?

If yes, did you get a test staright after submitting the application form?

Or how long did it take to get the tests after application submission?




Which area have you applied to? I can’t see any openings for full time grads…


i applied to technology.


Well if you take a look at the application details for the position you applied to on the JP Morgan website you will find a pdf guide of the recruitment process for that position.


Yeah i had a look at that, but was not sure if test comes straight away after app is sent or if they check app then i get test


They don’t come straight away


oh k, thats gd then! have u applied to JPM


I applied to JPM on the 20th Sept. and got invitation to take numerical test on the 23rd. So, more or less they invite one for taking tests within a week.


which division did you apply to?


Asset Management


hi guys
i applied 2 technolgy.
i worried now




I have applied for asset management as well. applied yesterday and got the email saying i have to do the test today. any idea of what kind of test i.e. shl/ psl?


it’s shl pretty much the same questions that you encounter in barcap tests but with less time!!


less time! better get some practise done asap. extra two hours after work for the next three days should do it. thank you for the heads up throll.



I had to do only numerical reasoning tests. They were pretty much the same with BarCap, etc. As far as I remember, there were 21 questions for 20 minutes. The old format for numerical. the first 10 questions were simple however, one table for 3 questions was pretty tough. Nothing Special though.

Sorry this is off topic but still anybody applied to HSBC so far? I was invited to Telephone Interview. Need to get some info before taking it. PM me please, if you had your interview with HSBC already. I would be very gratefu!


sweet, thanks for the info. btw were you able to finish the test in time?


Yeah, I could complete each question. But try not to waste much time on that particular complicated table for 3 questions.


ok, done the tests. managed to finish in time so lets see what happens. has anyone heard back?

@ ulugbek, when did you do the test?


Hello guys,

I applied to technology yesterday and haven’t heard back yet.

@CK have you heard back by any chance? Thanks


i got rejected last nite! :frowning: gutted mate gd luck wit ur app