JP Morgan


Any idea how JPM is progressing with their applications? Have they started to interview for Asset Management?


atleast in singapore they hav sent out the invitations for test last week itself


I have been given the numerical test to complete… I applied for graduate Asset Management in London.


Harsh, I believe that the status is the same also in London, which division have you applied to?


has anyone heard from JP Morgan Sales Analyst in Singapore?


@ambaey: didn’t apply for the Sales position, but I got an unexpected phone interview today. Didn’t go very well though, since it was so unexpected. They said assessement centers start next month.


@pepsumanv same here man…gt an unexpected innterview tday…which div u uapplied? which uni uu frm?


@pepsumanv and @ambaey what divisions did u apply to and what city? Did u get to do the online tests?


I applied for the Technology analyst position, Singapore. I got invited to do the tests 2 weeks back.

@harsh: how was your interview? I was absolutely unprepared, and it was in the middle of a lecture. =) just see how it goes.


haha same for me…i had jst got up frm sleep :stuck_out_tongue:
it was ok normal hr ques jst last 10 mins …
hope we hear frm them


@zerocool: i applied to sales and trading in singapore. Haven’t heard from them since i submitted my application, not even an invite to do any online assessment. =(

Anyone out there who has heard from JP Morgan Sales and Trading?? Regardless of which region you’re applying from, some feedback will be much appreciated! =)


hey thhere
ive heard some of my friends who have got their test invite like a week or so bak…
i guuess if its not here yet it means rejection…u cn still mmail their recruitment team and chk


anybody share some experience of 1st round interview ?

I applied IBD risk london