JP Morgan Winter Internship 2010 London

J.P. Morgan


I have applied for this internship in September; however, I have not received any reply! Has anyone else applied and received any reply? Or know about the process?

Many thanks

The deadline has passed today and my status is as following:

: Under Review

Thank you for applying to J.P. Morgan. Your application has been received and will be processed shortly.

J.P. Morgan European Graduate Recruitment


Hi Aj. I am in the same boat. I have heard anything back. As far as their website goes it says they review the application before they invite you for the next stage for the numerical test. Hopefully we hear something soon!


Hi. I got the same status, applied approximately month ago. Most of other banks invite straight to do numerical. BOA doest it even before you can make actual application. Fingers crossed


guys hate to say this but theyve already had all their first rounds
The last one was today i think


So this we were just ignored? That’s very kind than, waiting for decision than they already decided not to even ask you to do a numerical. I saw somewhere about 1st rd. Interviews to be held this week.