JP Morgan Telephone interview!!!!2009


i am having a telephone interview with JP morgan(2010 IT graduate) next week.They sent me an email saying

“The selection procedure involves two 30 minute competency based interviews with business managers and alumni from the programme.”

can any one please share their experience of such interview!!!



Did you have online test?


Yes i had .it was the SHL test


I applied for quant intern on the deadline day…-___-

and my application is still under review. no invitation for the online test.

though they asked me the language I’d prefer for online test.

I dont know what they are dealing with.


same here. application under review for the past 3 weeks or so, although I applied for Asset Management, does any one else have info on how JPM is progressing with interviews?


I appled for the JP morgan graduate programe 2010 about 25 days ago,then they sent me a numerical test last thursday which i completed and submitted on friday night and recevd a telephone interview confirmation on monday afternoon…


sumit09 - have you applied for jan or sept intake?? I applied for sept but not heard anything yet


sumit, which division did you apply to?


are you guys referring to the recruitment process in the US or London?

I’m based in Singapore, and the deadline for sales and trading analyst just passed (sept 27). I submitted my application on the sept 15 and haven’t heard from them since!

Anyone in Singapore who has heard from JP Morgan?


we’re discussing London here as far as I know…


hi sumit…how was your telephone interview…could you share the questions pls…


Hi Sumit, I applied for Ops 2010 and I have a telephone interview with JP next week. I was informed it lasts 1 hour and 15mins! It’s the first I’ve experience for a telephone interview.

Could you pls share your experience and some questions? It’ll be greatly appreciated!

Hope your interview went well!


I cleared the telephone interview…but got rejected after the assesment center… :(.In the telephone interview the business manager askd me :
1.who do u consider a leader today(any personlaity)?
2.Why do u think he is a good leader
3.what makes him a good leader
4.what are the qualities of a good leader did u persuade a group of people
6.tell me about a time when u(or ur team) failed…what did u learn from this experience do u plan for ur project
8.what milestones did u set for ur project

then the second interviewer askd me following qstns:
1.about example of team work,problem solving,leadership,innovative and then finally she askd me that i have been given a mobile phone…i dont have time to test it completly…what will i check and why?

u guyz wil be ok …remain calm and dont rush…gud luk


Thanks Sumit! You’re a life saver!

Sorry to hear abt the rejection though. You did your best and better luck next time with further interviews!

Hope I get to ask you abt AC. But for the meantime, I’ll concentrate on the tele interview first =)

Thanks again!


Thanx hui and akoo

i m sure u guyz will make it to the AC…send me a msg …when u guyz need help for the AC

tc and do pray for some interviews lined up :slight_smile:


To anyone who has booked an interview, My invite says click on the link ‘Schedule for First Round’ but I can not see this link. Has anyone else had this problem? thanks


anyone who applied to Asia heard anything yet??


Where interviewers ask questions such as “Who do you think is a good leader (any personalities)”? What do people think? Is it advisable to use someone famous so you can prove you’ve actually given a good leader or using an example such as your manager at work or something? I’m unsure as to how such a question would/should be answered. Would you lose marks for chosing someone they don’t know of? What do others think?


u can use any personality from politics,corporate or sports !!!