JP Morgan Technology Jan 2010 Start


Has any one for technology been invited to do online tests?

My app is stil under review after 2.5 weeks?



Same here…applied almost 1 month back…
Most probably its a rejection


I have done the online tests and had my first phone interview already. I think I did quite badly for the phone interviews.


ktvsinger ,

Had you applied for Tech January 2010 start? Can you please share some of the questions asked on phone interviews?

I have applied for Sept 2010 tech and still waiting for any progress in the application


Yes, I applied for Tech January 2010!

They asked about:

  • - What are your teammate/peers opinion on you
  • - Why JPMorgan
  • - Which avenue did you get yourself update to news
  • - Tell me about yourself (Interviewer said: "Just treat me as some friend you know at the pub!")
  • - What do you think is the job scope of a tech guy in JPMorgan
  • - Tell me about your weakness and strength
Thats all that I can remember.


Thanks for the info and good luck for your results!


hi guys!

any update on the tech 2010 start for jp morgan?

mines stil under review!!!

Sud i email them???

thanks CK