JP Morgan Technology Internship



Was wondering if anyone who took an AC for JPMorgan Technology has heard back if they’ve got a summer placement or not?

Particularly interested if it was Glasgow you applied for?
Took mine 2 weeks ago & they said they would get back to us within 2 weeks but still heard nothing.
So frustrating!



I’m in the same situatuon as you just for Finance internship. I had my AC four weeks ago and still no response…That waiting is just killing me! But maybe they’ve got some kind of reserve list, where they put applicants that are not perfect enough to be given an offer straight away but too good to be rejected…


Was it Glasgow you applied to?

4 weeks is really long! I emailed them today but with no reply. I was told that we would be contacted to give feedback & the result. Nothing about reserve lists. Seems kinda harsh if they do have one.


No, it was London in my case.

Well I don’t know about reserve lists…it’s just an idea that I’ve seen at some other forum. But I don’t know how else I could explain those four weeks.

After the AC we also were told we would get the result and feedback within two weeks but as I can see that didn’t happen.

I’ve got a suggestion not to send them a second email but patiently wait. So I guess I’ll do that for another week…


Hi everyone.

Have you heard from JP morgan after your AC. Any good news? I have been waiting for ages. In my case is London and for Tech