JP Morgan Technology - Anyone have contact details?


Applied for a full time Business Analyst position last year. It’s still marked as “under review” on their website. I assume it’s a lost cause, but am going to chase them up about it: it can’t do any harm at this stage.

Obviously JP are far too wise to publish any contact details on their website. Enter Wikijob! If anyone has n email/phone for JPM HR and wouldn’t mind dropping me it in a private message that would be much appreciated!



Hi Unemployable,

I sent you a pm


Thanks Baba, much appreciated :slight_smile:


If you applied for an internship, i think they’ve completed their recruitment for internships. I also understand that their graduate recruitment process doesn’t actually start until end of Feb 2009. That’s when they will be holding ACs and I guess first round interviews. So I wouldn’t worry too much about it if I were you as the process won’t start until end of Feb and they won;t hurry it up before then.