JP Morgan – Technology 1st interview 2012


I have got invitation for the first interview for the Application Developer role this morning.

There will be a technical test along with two interviews and a numerical test but JP Morgan didn’t provide much information about the technical test.

Wondering if anyone had this technical test before and any idea what this test involves. Any advice about the 1st interview and technical test will be highly appreciated.


Hey IBGrad10, i hope you went well at your assesment thing.

Thing is, i have a technical test coming up as well. Can you let me know a bit more about what was inside as i’m really struggling trying to find what a jp morgan technical test includes? Also, how were the interviews?

Thanks buddy


Likewise me, I have been thinking what the technical test will be.


Hello all,

Please can someone help with what to expect on JP Morgan technical interview? I applied for Technology role and I was told there will be a technical test on that day of the interview as well.
Any assistance will be much appreciated!


How was the online tests?


Where they numerical and verbal reasoning?