JP Morgan Situational Judgement Test


Hey there,

has anyone had some experience with JP Morgan’s Situational Judgement Test? I’m used to the usual numerical, verbal or even logical tests, but Situational Judgement…? Never did it before, never heard of it before.

I guess I’ve passed their numerical test b/c they sent me the new test 10-12 days after I completed the numerical.

Do you have any resources or suggestions for the test? Or experiences with it?



I too just got this invite and I’ve never experienced it.
Anyone here who has? An insight into it would be grateful.


I took it yesterday. It’s pretty much what it says on the box, you’re given a variety of different situations and and actions to take for each situation, and you have to order the actions best to worst. There’s no time limit and because it tests your ingrained way of thinking it’s not really something you can practice for, and I don’t think that there’s any one right answer either, so the best thing to do is just do it.


Hey fellow monkey, how long did it take them to invite you to the online test?


I applied for Finance summer analyst yesterday, was wondering how long I should expect to wait for their reply. thanxx


Hey guys, I too was surprised as after applying on 26th sep i have directly received the sjt test invite not the numerical test first as it says on the website. Any idea of this changes?


I just completed the test as well. You’ll get confronted with work situations as an intern in investment banking and trading and are required to sort the answers from best to worst. Questions involve topics like tight deadlines, unreasonable or difficult tasks and how you would behave in the given situation. JPM estimates the test to last about 20-30 minutes but it actually took me about 30 to 35 minutes. There’s no reason (and no way I guess) to prepare for the test b/c they just want to gauge how one reacts in typical work situations. Hope that helps.


@mohitvk2000: I guess there are different tests to be completed for different divisions/positions.

@cynthiajip: It took them a few days to send me the numerical test (3-5 days maybe). After I completed the numerical test, it took them another 10 days to send me the Situational Judgement Test.


@onefellowmonkey: Which position/division have u applied for? I have applied for the full time analyst role in finance, and I suppose numerical is a must for it !!!


@mohitvk2000 I also applied for the fulltime analyst role in finance and was suprised to receive the SJT test without a numerical test. But perhaps the SJT comes before the numerical test as it does with kpmg others? Just did the test but dont think it went that well tbh.


@croshn91: I am concerned about it as one of my friend got the numerical test invite immediately after submitting the application and have now received the sjt invite, so basically confused with the application process. btw I have too just finished with sjt, fingers crossed.


@mohitvk2000: For IBD.

@croshn91: Yeah same here. Not sure how I performed but I feel like it was pretty bad…


Hello guys,

I been through the same thing. Have applied to finance management accountancy and took the SJT yesterday. No right or wrong answers. Just situations one might encounter working in any company and you have to rank your actions from best to the least likely to take.

It obviously tests your team-work style, your innovation, ability to take responsibility, and above all your level of emotional intelligence. You can tell from these questions that they wanna now whether you get back to your team or you do it on your own. Whether you take responsibility of solving a client’s problem or you seek advice from your manager.

The best of luck for all of us … keep hoping for the best as hoping costs nothing but patience … :slight_smile:


Wanted to type about my experience with the test. I applied for an IB internship a month back and got invitation to the situational judgement test a few days back. The test has 26 questions there is no time limit but they tell you that they expect you to finish it in 20-30 mins. Questions are based on what you may encounter during your internship such as you go to a meeting with your manager he gives you a briefing where he uses bank jargon which you dont understand and tells you to write a report that day. You dont understand any of the terms he used. Now they will give you 5 options and you have to pick the best option, second best, third best, fourth best and fifth best. No need to practice for it to be honest.

After I clicked submit within 2 seconds it took me to the J.P. Morgan website and to a new page where it said next stage is a numerical test. I even got 2 emails one stating my answers were being considered by the team and another stating the next process is a numerical test. So I guess if you pass the Situational judgement test you go to the numerical test right away.

Now my question is for those who gave the numerical reasoning test. I dont have good experience with SHL tests. I gave one for UBS and completed the test with 12 min remaining because it was that easy yet I failed. I’m good with Kenexa because I am quick with the questions (always have 3 mins remaining) and have never failed a kenexa test. My question is does SHL have negative marking? Is it important to complete the whole test like kenexa or they focus more on accuracy?


Wtf is JPM doing btw? I received the numerical test first and the situational judgement test like 10 days after I passed the numerical. Are they rolling a dice whom to give which test?

Btw, don’t sweat aboutt he SHL numerical. It’s ridiculously easy.



You are right. SHL is nothing compared to more difficult tests such as the nightmare called Q-talent. The difficulty of the Q-Talent lies in the fact that you have unbelievable short time to solve each question. only 75 seconds JEEZ. It is given by Citi and other companies.

I have read in another thread that someone took the SJT and after two weeks, he was given the numerical one. So I guess yeah a rolling a dice kinda thing.


Its strange. I applied the night it opened (10/09/13, I believe). Got the numerical test the same night. Finished it the same night. Application being considered the same night and then on the 2nd of this month, I got the SJT request which I did the same night.
Have they ever gone through this process before?
Odd really.


Its really annoying me now, got the sjt invite again. Did anyone else too got it?


OK guys. So, this is really weird. I completed the SJT few days ago. Now, they want me to do the same test again. No numerical test so far.

Is this weird or did it happen in the past?


lol faster than me buddy.

Let’s do it …