JP Morgan Sales, Trading & Research Summer Internship


Hi People!

I am having a first round interview with a numerical test this coming Monday.
Do you guys have any idea how its like? On the email it is said that the interview would be competencies-based. But there are gonna be 3 interviews, 30 mins each so I wonder I cant be asked all about competencies for 1.5 hour! I have chosen Research and Sales Trading as my preferences, so what are the likely questions that would come up? And how about the numerical test?



hey there mitchoki

got an interview there on tuesday in sales trading and research too…and am equally confused by the email. although 3 interviews indicated to me that maybe therell be one focusing on each area we applied to (research and salestrading for you) then one on more competency based stuff? it seems liek ti wont be hr so cant belive the reps would be bothereded to ask us endless competency questions!

best of luck though!


Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

Hope you all did well for the interview! I have also the interview soon! But are u sure that we don’t have the calculator for the numerical? on the mail, I received from JP, it is written “with the aid of the calculator…”



hey, qwerty!

how did your interview go? hope it was ok

I have an interview with the same department in a few days. I would really appreciate if you could tell what kind of questions they asked you and what your overall impression was.

thanks for help!


Basically they asked all sorts of questions, from competencies to technical stuffs about how the markets are doing. I got asked a few brain-teaser questions as well. Just read up Financial Times and Economists, prepare answers for questions like how you demonstrate teamwork, presentation skills and how you work with people. It’s best if you gather some information on how JP Morgan is doing recently after taking over Bear Stearns. The interviewers are so friendly and I truly enjoy it. Good luck!


Thank you for your answer! Good luck with your applications!


Applied for Jpm Graduate position 2013-Singapore . Did my online applications for operaions and Technology a month back and still my application status in “under review”. No invitation till now for numerical tests or any tests. Anybody from Singapore progressed to the next stage on date?