JP Morgan Private Banking 2013


Hi everyone,

I’m just wondering if anybody has heard from JPM regarding the 2013 fulltime program in Private banking? I applied for Singapore.

I submitted my application at the beginning of Sep and never had any updates from them.

Besides, as stated by Curioushelper in this topic ( ), there was an exclusive event for PB last year, anyone knows if it’s the same case this year?

Many thanks and good luck to you all!


I also applied in PB for Paris i took the numerical test on September 15 no news from them.



Just wondering, when did you submitted your application?



i submitted my application on September 12th


Hi, I have also submitted my application at the beginning of Sep for PB Singapore ,JPM.

Same here no updates…


Hi, I have also submitted my application at the beginning of Sep for PB Singapore ,JPM.

Same here no updates…


Hi everyone
Someone did it receive this same message from JP Morgan ?

Dear *******,

Thank you for your application to J.P. Morgan.
We are aware that many of you are either in the process of or have completed online testing. This email is just to remind you that we review all applications as they are submitted, but we do not make any final decisions until the 25 November 2012 deadline. This is to ensure a fair process for all candidates.

Many thanks for your continued patience.
Kind regards,


Hi, to those who received the message above, what does your current application status say?


Well, I never received anything from them and my status is “application received” since 4th Sep. I guess it means rejection…


Hi All,

Anyone have updates on jpm pb?


hey cocoric35035641,

Could you please let me know if the test is SHL or Kenexa


Hi guys, I applied to PB in Singapore too and this is the latest update.

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the 2013 Asia Private Bank Analyst Program at J.P. Morgan. We understand this is an important stage in your career, so we are carefully reviewing your application and will be in touch with you over the next 4 weeks to update you on the progress. We have received a large response this year, so we appreciate your patience.

So i guess it’ll probably still take a while!


Hi everyone

I logged into my account about two weeks after my application and I have a numerical test invite but there is no deadline mentioned…anyone else have this problem or is the deadline november 25th? I emailed IT to check and they said to finish it asap

any help would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:


I applied to London Private Bank Analyst prog - have taken online tests - does anyone know whether they have started interviews/ACs or do they wait until Nov 25 deadline?


They do not make any final decisions until after their deadline, that is why no one has heard


Hi All,

Has anyone gotten an interview call from JPM Private Bank Singapore?



I applied for London and still no news…


has anyone heard back from JP Morgan…its passed the 25th


@Bella311: still no response…will they still recruit?


I hope so! I know someone with a Finance interview but have heard nothing from anyone applying to Private Banking…