JP Morgan or Ernst & Young?


I’ve been offered an audit training contract at EY and a job at JP Morgan for ops, just after some peoples thoughts on what and why they would choose one over the other?


first of all congrats!

its a tough one! ops is different to audit rite? or they the same? it depends which line you want to go down?

but either one - is a good choice!


I know they’re both different, one sets me up with an ACA, the other with starting my career at one of the worlds premier financial institutions. It’s a good but tough situation. You got anything sorted?


what decision did you reach in the end?



without doubt and second thought I would go for JP.
Until the firm is under the leadership of jamie dimon it will be one of the top3. Good luck


tbh id go with EY - i was offered a similar ops position at a financial firm on par if not better than jp morgan, but realised that ur on the lowest rung of the corporate hierarchy - you’re basically everyone’s bitch. much better to be qualified within a big 4 firm for a respectable role imo. anyway, which one did u go for?