Hi everyone,

Has anyone else been invited for a first round telephone interview with JP MORGAN for the Operations Specialist role in Bournemouth?

What questions can I expect?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi, have you got invited? I applied for the same program as yours and finished the numerical test around 2-3 weeks ago. However since then I have not received any reply yet. I wonder why…


Hey, did you get your first round interview?
Do you mind to share any experience? Thank you very much.


Just to let everyone know, there are a couple of really useful articles in the Gateway Newspaper on JP Morgan as well as general advice on banking applications and the interview process. I think you have to sign up/subscribe to the newspaper online, but it is completely free. Check it out:

Good luck!


Hey freshhand, not had the interview yet. It’s next week. Does anyone out there have any advice for these first round interviews?? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks Tim will check that link out.


How was your interview going?



I am still waiting for invitation actually, when is yours?


OMG thats 2013 !! lol


Has anyone who applied for the graduate IB position heard anything back?? I did my numerical reasoning and SJT over 3 weeks ago and still nothing. Kind of getting tired of applying now to be honest it seems not having a degree in Economics or finance means I cant get a non HR job in the corporate world


How long before you guys heard back after doing your nrt and sjt??