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I recently applied for a summer internship at JP Morgan and have not yet received an invitation for the SJT or the numerical test. Some people I know applied after me and got the invitation straight away. As I can´t find an e-mail to contact JP Morgan my question is whether this is normal, i.e. do they screen applications before sending out test invitations?

Many thanks!


Hi christoph,

Yes I think they do screen applications before sending out test invitations.

A senior of mine who applied last year for the 2013 summer internship was rejected roughly a month after submitting his application without having received any test invitations.

As for myself, I submitted my application for the 2014 summer internship about three weeks ago and only received the invitation to do the numerical and logical reasoning tests last week. Haven’t heard anything about the SJT yet though.

Hope this helps!

As an aside, which function and location did you apply for?


They do screen candidates before sending test invites. If it has been only a month or so then dont worry It took them 3 weeks to get back to me.


Hey User10,

Just interested to know, which function and location did you apply for?


Hi andrewlc22,

I applied to 2 position the first one was Finance (got a rejection email on the application deadline date after passing the tests) and M&A Dubai (Still under review after passing the tests). What about you?


I applied for S&T Summer Internship Singapore. Did the tests slightly more than 2 weeks ago but still haven’t heard back yet.

All the best to you!


They do their programmes on a rolling basis. Just to let you guys know, I have been successful in the initial screening, online tests, two face to face interviews and have the final stage assessment centre on Thursday 19th. In terms of speed, I completed the interviews in Canary Wharf on Thursday, hearing back around 6 hours later that I was being put forward to the final stage. It may well be that they have reached a threshold on numbers so far and are waiting to see the standard of the candidates they are currently holding on to? I don’t know, I just thought I’d let you guys know that there are definitely interviews and assessment centres being held…


Hey joshua,

How did your AC go, were you offered the position? I have my first round interview for JPM Operations Specialist graduate programme (London) next week, and would appreciate any information about the day. I know it’s two 30-minute competency based, but any more info will help.



Hi ss6969,

Yes, I was lucky enough to be offered a position. The first round interviews were literally just two interviews with two different senior members of the division, back to back. Competency based, not much more to it than that except that they will ask you an analytical question like “how many panes of glass are there in this building” etc. You can’t prep for something like that so make sure when you answer it to start with all of your assumptions and build your answer around them. Just like you would a maths equation.

Apart from your competencies make sure you know about the firm like who their competitors are, what makes them different (opportunities/global reach etc), learn stuff like which areas of the globe they offer their services to and how they vary. If that information’s not available in any way, use it as a question at the end to show you’re genuinely interested in the job, not just the name/money. That’s what they want to see.

I’d recommend learning in as much detail as you can 2 or 3 products/services JPM provide and what they do. Try and drop the knowledge gained from your research into your answers to make them see you’ve done the work.

Apart from that, read the news! I was asked about a recent piece of news (which at the time, the whole US tapering quantitive easing was a hot topic). My interviewer rolled her eyes as clearly she’d heard it all day, so I went on to talk about how the US markets affect China, long term/short term, and how the Chinese had just released the ban on IPO’s and what that will infer to investors and the markets, not just in China but globally. Also, how JPM are affected by it all etc. This was especially relevant as the Treasury services division I was applying to manage cash flows/working capital…so you may not need to know something as in depth as this but the point is to know maybe two pieces of solid business news and how JPM and your division are affected by it.

Good luck! I hope this helps, let me know how you get on


Hi joshua,

Firstly congrats on your offer, great job!

Also I’m having an AC coming up, could you please share your experience of AC? Thank you in advance.



I’ve recently just sat the sjt, without having an invite for the numerical test. Is this standard?
And how long do JP Morgan tend to take, once the sjt is complete?

Many thanks!


How long did they take to give you an update of the tests outcome?



Can anyone share with me, how long does JP Morgan Singapore take to give you an update on the status of interview outcome ?